Self-Actualization in the Age of Crisis Book
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Self-Actualization in the Age of Crisis


New frameworks of meaning and value informed by cosmology and physics.

Introduction: Becoming More

Exponential Growth
The Universe Has a History
The Changing Nature of Time
The Single Truth
Oneness with the Relational Universe
Birth Lottery and Event Chains
Points of Reflection: Chapter 0

Chapter 1: Age of Crisis

Crisis of Extinction
Billionaire God-Kings of the Twenty-First Century
Information, Truth, and Trust
Elected Misrepresentation
Productivity and Participation
Doubt, Desire, Death, and Dogmas
Points of Reflection: Chapter 1

Chapter 2: Individual Actualization

The Science of Individual Actualization
Cooperation and Competition
Cooperation & Competition: Cooperative Individuality
Cooperation & Competition: Cooperative Work
Cooperation & Competition: Cooperative Systems
Cooperation & Competition: Cooperative Competition
Cooperation & Competition: Cooperative Experimentation
Authentic Imposter
Authentic Imposter: Letting Go
Points of Reflection: Authentic Imposter
Core Values
Core Values: Relation
Core Values: Equity
Core Values: Flexibility
Core Values: Restraint
Core Values: Awareness
Core Values: Minimalism
Core Values: Enthusiasm
Core Values: Courage
Core Values: Summary and Application
Soulcraft: Routine, Discipline, and Mastery
Modern Shamanism
Modern Shamanism: Small Rituals
Modern Shamanism: High Ritual
Modern Shamanism: Cannabis, Sin, and the Joy of Novelty
Modern Shamanism: Synchronicity and Premonition
Leveraging Language
Partnership and Parenting
Partnership and Parenting: The Partner
Partnership and Parenting: The Child
Points of Reflection: Chapter 2

Chapter 3: Systemic Actualization

Self-Changing Systems
Decentralized Autonomous Organizations
Economy, Labor, and Property
Economy, Labor, & Property: Finance & the Real Economy
Economy, Labor, and Property: Taxation
Economy, Labor, and Property: Free Labor
Economy, Labor, and Property: Property
The Eight Dignities
The Eight Dignities: Food and Water
The Eight Dignities: Housing
The Eight Dignities: Health care
The Eight Dignities: Education
The Eight Dignities: Information
The Eight Dignities: Communication
The Eight Dignities: Transportation
The Eight Dignities: Energy
Points of Reflection: The Eight Dignities
Deep Freedom
Deep Freedom: Liberty and Democracy
Deep Freedom: Free Will
Deep Freedom: Reimagining Democracy
Deep Freedom: Reptutation
Security and Soldier
Security and Soldier: Military Industry
Security and Soldier: Soldiers and the Civic Core
Security and Soldier: Police and the Peacekeeper
Calendars and Clocks
Points of Reflection: Chapter 3

Chapter 4: Actionizing Ascendency