Flexibility as a core value is the belief and practice of embracing the moment without expectation. Whenever we find ourselves frustrated with a circumstance we inhabit, it is because the outcomes do not align with our expectations. We imagine ideas of what should happen and then project them onto the world. We confuse the directing of our time experience through enthusiasm and awareness with a fundamental mathematical formula by believing that A and B will produce C. We are disappointed when the C turns out to be a Z. Flexibility is our abandonment of these preconceptions to align ourselves with the single truth and overcome our crisis of desire.

We prioritize flexibility as a spiritual value because it is one of the most direct paths toward individual actualization. Life is full of unknowns that are completely out of our control, many of which disrupt our expectations of reality. In combination with awareness and courage, flexibility prepares the individual to redirect the flow of their time experience without wasting energy and focusing on negativity. We can only ever be here now, so in circumstances where we are challenged to reimagine the next steps, the best possible action is to begin doing so. Flexibility is not a call to abandon our due diligence and is not intended to be applied to circumstances where absolute precision is needed, but it can and should be embraced and applied to instances where things go wrong despite our preparations. In combination with relation, flexibility helps us nurture a more equitable approach to our relationships with others. 

Earlier we spoke of the shapeshifter, the individual who, through a general detachment from circumstances, possesses the capacity to take the form necessary to meet the needs of the moment. Embracing flexibility as a spiritual priority is an effort to reinforce our individual power to direct the flow of our time experience through focus and energy. It encourages us to imagine alternatives when none seem possible, to unleash our creativity upon the world that would prefer it to stay dormant. Flexibility aligns with equity in our approach and treatment of the other. All possess the power to leverage the knowledge, but many remain unaware of it. Therefore, flexibility encourages patience within the self-actualizer, both for themselves and others. Change is always occurring, but not necessarily in the direction or frequency the individual may desire. Our ability to adapt and overcome is, at its core, an expression of our divinity within the moment.

Developing flexibility in our lives is primarily a mindset but can be aided by small rituals that we will explore further in the text. It relies on our ability to enthusiastically call upon our imagination in times of uncertainty. When viewed through the lens of the single truth and the relational universe, flexibility is the wholehearted embrace of being the observer. We are not bound to these moments. When contrasted to our lifelong event chains, no single moment is of greater importance than another. Each possesses a radical potential for redirection. Our detachment from expectations and willingness to accept what is within the immediate present places us in the strongest possible position to direct what will be.

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