Enthusiasm as a core value is the belief and practice of immersing oneself in one’s undertakings. When we engage in a direction, we do so with all of our being. Enthusiasm applies to activities that do not contradict our core values and do not violate our obligation to others within the relational universe. It is the state of absorption where our focus and energy transform into a timeless moment, an experience of flow that is often expressed as being in “the zone.” The expression of enthusiasm through action is one of the highest degrees of freedom the individual can obtain. Free from the doubt, desire, and dogmas that plague us within the present arrangements, the individual is fully capable of creation. Enthusiasm is a relief from self-deceit, a way of channeling our focus and energy beyond the indifferences we endure to survive within the systems governing our lives. 

Through our enthusiasm, we act in alignment with the single truth. When we embrace the moment as real and sacred, our imagination and intention manifest into effortless creation. Enthusiasm is one of the greatest expressions of our internal infinities. When the individual is eager to participate, no justification is needed to dedicate focus and energy; their only desire is to be exactly where they are. Contrast this to the feelings we experience when engaged in joyless tasks like doubt, desire, and boredom. Incorporating enthusiasm into our meaning philosophy adds a layer of self-empowerment and validation to all we engage with. In our immediate present, practicing enthusiasm is a path toward greater fulfillment in our daily lives. Enthusiasm also helps to insulate individuals from the creeping threat of nihilism, especially during troubling moments. In combination with the single truth, it is a spiritual value that continuously reinforces our ability to be more than we are. Enthusiasm also serves to immunize the individual against dying before death. They are no longer plagued with the dehumanization inherent within systems that divide and dispose of participants. Enthusiasm as a core value is a mindset that translates into action and can dramatically reshape an individual’s time experience.

So how do we incorporate enthusiasm as a practice? The single truth provides a simple framework: enthusiasm is always within the moment. It is an active engagement in our efforts, free from distraction and expectation. Enthusiasm is most easy to manifest when we are working toward passionate creation, but even in circumstances when that is not the case, there is value in practicing it. We seek mastery in all activities because in the long run we never know how the dots will connect. This is especially true when we lack confidence in our knowledge or ability. It’s about being willing to take on tasks and projects that may be beyond our comfort zone in order to integrate them into our understanding. Enthusiasm rooted in the single truth is always momentary awareness, giving the best effort toward directions both of and not of our choosing. By focusing on action instead of results, we redefine self-worth to draw from effort instead of outcome. Enthusiasm inspires us because it is the process through which we expand our humanity. As a core value, it is often a catalyst for new visions and directions. Enthusiasm is how we overcome our fears of failure, break our habits of making excuses for ourselves, and tune out distractions that limit our powers. Cultivating our enthusiasm empowers us to walk untraveled paths without fear. 

With regard to others, enthusiasm takes the form of genuine interest and willingness to help. Whenever possible, the enthusiastic individual is eager to aid those in need. Enthusiasm translates into a genuine kindness, a love for life that projects itself onto our interactions. This is not to suggest that we abandon our individual creative powers and visions in favor of subjugation to another. Rather, it is a recognition that the legacies we craft will be tethered to the relationships we develop. Enthusiasm is contagious and spreads like wildfire. With enough focus and energy, it reaches a critical mass independent of its creator. Enthusiasm is the purest expression of divinity available to the individual. It is accurate to say that people can be enthusiastic about ill-intentioned action, but that should not cloud our understanding of embracing enthusiasm as a core value. Incorporating enthusiasm as a source of spiritual meaning and value is a major component of individual and collective transcendence. 

At times, we may find ourselves inhabiting circumstances where enthusiasm is extremely difficult to muster. It is unreasonable to expect high enthusiasm within productive activities that we engage in primarily for survival, many of which are accompanied by miserable leadership, lack of opportunities for progression and self-development, and inadequate wages. This is especially accurate for those working to overcome the basic survival requirements necessary for individual actualization. In circumstances where individual survival depends on productive efforts that bring no joy, it is best to maximize focus and energy in a new direction with whatever available moments we have. When we’re tired, burnt out, and lack focus, the path of least resistance is almost always the choice of preference. The enthusiastic individual makes their best effort to muster their free energy toward a vision of their own crafting. Whether it’s exploring alternative paths or continuing to build skills and knowledge in a specific direction, we recognize the immediate present as too valuable a resource to squander. It is not easy, and for some it may not even be reasonable. Only the individual can make that determination. Summoning your enthusiasm for what will be is one of the greatest methods of overcoming what is. In these moments, our small rituals help realign ourselves with the immediate present. Ultimately, our prioritizing enthusiasm as a core value is an expression of deep love. Love for ourselves, others, and the universe we inhabit. It is a perspective and approach toward action that by itself can redirect and accelerate the most stagnant trajectories.

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