Absolute Unitary Being: A psychological term referring to the greatest intensity of transcendent experience, a mythical illumination revealing our complete unity with all else.

Birth lottery: The social and circumstantial inheritance each is assigned when entering the world, primarily determined by geographic location and parental wealth.

Cooperative systems:
The development of legal arrangements that prioritize cooperation.

Core Values:

  1. Relation: The belief and practice of applying our knowledge of the relational universe to our interactions with others.
  2. Equity: The belief and practice of fairness in our personal and systemic relationships.
  3. Flexibility: The belief and practice of embracing the moment without expectation.
  4. Restraint: The belief and practice of exercising disciplined choice.
  5. Awareness: The belief and practice of elevating our perception within and the totality of experience.
  6. Minimalism: The belief and practice of eliminating the unnecessary.
  7. Enthusiasm: The belief and practice of immersing ourselves fully in our undertakings.
  8. Courage: The belief and practice of fearlessness in the face of the unknown.

Crisis of extinction:
The combination of extreme environmental changes brought forth through the rapidly changing climate and the mass die-off of animal, marine, and insect life presently occurring.

Elected misrepresentation:
Refers to the organization of US politics that prioritizes serving wealthy individuals and corporations over the collective population.

Event chains:
The collective inheritance resulting from individual decisions and the greater universal occurrences that place us within the immediate present.

The state of being in “the zone.” Typically referencing a heightened state of awareness.

Internal infinity
: The limitless places the imagination can take us.

Individual actualization
: The realization of higher states of being in relation to individual needs and circumstances.

Power worship:
The idea that because someone possesses power/prestige that they are deserving of an elevated state. Most often witnessed with the obsession of billionaires as paragons of virtue and insight.

Observable infinities:
There are two observable infinities within the universe. The universe itself and human imagination. The alignment of these two represents human divinity within the moment.

: Of or relating to a repeating process whose output at each stage is applied as input in the succeeding stage.

Salvation religions:
Any spiritual philosophy that places individual divinity on the ascension to heaven after death (e.g., Christianity, Islam, and Judaism).

Self-changing systems:
Systems with the legal arrangements necessary to evolve as needed.

Single Truth:
Change is the single truth.

The practice of developing oneself through the direction of focus and energy.

Spiritual Technology:
Refers to any religion serving to meet the spiritual needs of its practitioners. Technology because they are all creations of our own making.

: A political technology designed to preserve and encourage specific ways of life. 

: Logic technologies that take the form of interacting, interrelated, or interdependent elements forming a more complex whole.

Systemic Actualization:
The realization of higher states of being in relation to the systems surrounding the individual.

The Relational Universe:
All exists in relation to all else within the moment. Human experience is that of the fractional observer within an informational universe. There is no separation between individual and other, despite what our limitations may suggest. Without the observer, there is no information. It is all a single happening.

Individual perception of time.

Time experience:
The totality of the moment that the individual occupies within the immediate present.

Time crystals:
A form of matter they labeled time crystals that defy our present understanding of physics. Time crystals are a quantum system of particles that exist in a repetitive motion. Unlike standard crystals where the atoms are arranged periodically in space, the atoms in a time crystal are arranged periodically in both space and time. 

Universal alignment:
When the individual and system function as a harmonious total self within the moment.

The informational universe perceived as waves through human instruments.

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