Points of Reflection: Chapter 1

  1. The environmental crisis and the ensuing extinction of species will devastate a significant majority of our global population. Several groups are proactively furthering our descent in order to profit.

  2. Our legal arrangements support rigid hierarchy as the dominant form of global organization. This is rooted in the hierarchal spiritual philosophies that guided their foundation.

  3. The few at the top of the pyramid proactively maintain these systems through the capture of our political institutions. They own both the productive networks and the systems designed to support their revision.

  4. For many, the opportunity to productively participate in society is presently unavailable. Our present methods of developing individual and group capacity ensure that this trend will continue to exclude more people if we do not actively change them.

  5. Our systems of change exist in a state of capture. They only serve to further what is.

  6. The combination of these crises and a lifetime of propaganda channels is developing individuals who are insecure in themselves, others, and the systems surrounding us. We want to be more but lack the frameworks to do so.

  7. Our greatest challenge lies in overcoming the dogmas that have dominated our philosophies of meaning and value. Central to this is the abandonment of the belief that death is a pathway to some inaccessible paradise. Divinity is found only within the moment.
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