Points of Reflection: Eight Dignities

  1. Our embrace of self-changing systems serves to break humanity free from the idea that any of its creations are in any way natural or necessary.

  2. We do not reject the idea of private enterprise or the ability to go off independently in your own direction.

  3. We reject the dogmatic adherence to a single form of economic arrangements, instead demanding alternative economic models that better bind finance to the real economy.

  4. The eight dignities represent sacred individual rights in alignment with collective human progress. They are a deserved inheritance for every individual born into this world.

  5. Systemic actualization is the spiritual task of every self-actualizer, a journey to surround ourselves with systems that empower us to fully express our oneness with the relational universe.

  6. Transforming society in alignment with the single truth and the relational universe is the most direct pathway toward a shared deep freedom that is presently unavailable.

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