Self-Changing Systems

The merging of individual and system as a single self is a primary objective of our spiritual alignment with the single truth. Therefore, the journey toward systemic actualization draws from many of the same core values and principles we embrace toward individual actualization. We align our systems with our individuality to emphasize and encourage the development of frameworks of being that prioritize expansive humanity. We apply our core values of relation, equity, and flexibility to guide our approach to the creation of systems encouraging individual actualization. Every system we build within the framework of the single truth facilitates its own revision. 

By embedding proactive evolution into our creations, we break free of the duopoly of choice presently available to us, defending and preserving existing institutions or progress limited to minimal revisions. Our choice to embed self-change within our systems weakens the past’s influence on the present while reducing our reliance on crises to create meaningful change. Self-changing systems are an approach to social organization that lay the foundation for perpetual transformation, both in the context of our immediate priority of transcending the crisis and for the eventual revisions of spiritual philosophy that will be necessary for the continued reimagination of human divinity. Self-changing systems allow people to innovate in several directions, creating opportunities for individual and collective benefit presently unrealized.

It is both relevant and vital that we begin our exploration of systemic actualization with the concept of embedding processes for proactive evolution in all of our future creations. Our struggle for transcendence takes many forms, but few are greater than the self-imposed limitations of dogmas. Our commitment to designing systems with the mechanisms for self-change frees us from the concept that any of our creations are natural or necessary within the universe. It is one of the most powerful approaches we can take toward abolishing birth lottery as the primary determinant of individual access and agency. Self-changing systems are a way to free humanity from a fate they had no choice in crafting. They forever remove us from having to accept things as they are. 

There are no limits to what directions we may allow and encourage our systems to take. Everything from their operations to their legal classifications can be modified and compartmentalized by the stakeholders. We empower groups to evolve their efforts in various ways and support this experimentalism by greatly diminishing the price of failure. Self-changing systems allow for subgroups within larger organizations to create forked directions of focus and energy, where progress continues in the same direction under different fundamental principles. In combination with a reimagination of individual rights and protections, self-changing systems catalyze an explosion of human creativity.

Our choice to reimagine the laws and systems directing the conduct of our lives in alignment with the single truth provides benefits to the individual and collective alike. Self-changing systems advance cooperation beyond class boundaries by diminishing the difference between our material and moral interests. We accomplish this through the development of flexible legal structures and the expansion of stakeholdership within organizations. When we embrace flexibility within individual and group direction, even when it conflicts with the popular order of the present, we realize a degree of equity in our relationships unavailable to us within the present arrangements. Organizing ourselves within systems open to and containing pathways toward frequent revision frees the individual from limitations, reducing the struggles associated with self-transformation and the inevitable disruption of our beliefs and practice. It is a form of organization in high alignment with the single truth and the relational universe, one that embraces the changing nature of time for what it is and empowers the individual to better embody their divinity within the moment. - Self-Changing Systems
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