Points of Reflection: Chapter 2

  1. Individual actualization is a real phenomenon supported by our present cognitive science. It is both possible and desirable to embody it.
  2. Transcending the age of crisis requires that we embrace cooperation as the dominant ethos guiding the development of ourselves and our systems.

  3. Everyone is just as clueless as you are. Become authentic in your imposter by embracing the practice of persistent learning and iteration. Let go of the stigmas of negativity associated with not being enough; you, too, possess divinity within the moment.

  4. REFRAME Courage by embracing the philosophy and practice of new core values in alignment with the single truth and the relational universe.

  5. Soulcraft is the practice of developing yourself through the direction of your focus and energy. We create ourselves in our own image when we possess this awareness.
  6. Self-actualization in the age of crisis is, in many ways, a return to nature, both in the alignment of our being with the universe itself and through the sacred rituals we practice. Modern shamanism provides a framework for developing spiritual practice through incremental actions that compound into a greater state of awareness.

  7. Language determines our capacity to convey imagination. We should embrace a more experimental approach toward language in order to develop a truly universal form of communication.

  8. Within the relational universe, we recognize our partners and children as equally divine and deserving of equity. Partnerships must be based on consensus. Children must be recognized not as property but as prophets in need of frameworks to break.

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