Points of Reflection: Chapter 0

  1. The speed at which information is expanding is increasing. This significantly impacts the human time experience.
  1. Change is the single truth.

  2. Everything exists in relation to all else within the moment. There is no separation between individual, others, and the universe we inhabit, despite what our limitations may suggest.

  3. Human experience is that of the fractional observer within an informational universe.

  4. Our most advanced science suggests that universes are successive, a process that is essentially infinite from the human perspective.

  5. There are two observable infinities within the universe: the universe itself and human imagination. The alignment of these two represents human divinity within the moment.

  6. The inheritance of a specific type of history limits human capacity to transform, but only because we choose to allow it to do so.

  7. Our creations reinforce birth lottery as the most crucial moment in human existence. This is an inadequate framework to meet the needs of the moment.

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