Equity as a core value is the belief and practice of fairness in our personal and systemic relationships. We embrace it as the framework guiding our obligations and interactions with others. No one individual can decide what equity can be for others, but all can make determinations for themselves. Fairness, like all things in a universe governed by the single truth, is what we determine it to be. Ultimately, our capacity to properly define equity depends on the boldness of our imagination. We embrace equity in the spiritual context as a way to break free from the constraints of a transactional universe. It is a form of interacting with others that reduces barriers to cooperation by eliminating the motive of subjugation. Coupled with enthusiasm, equity is a path to overcoming doubt and desire in relation to others.

Equity can only be explored alongside context, so it takes many forms throughout our lives. It is a deep personal love that forces us to elevate our vulnerability to others on the assumption that they too approach from a place of love and fairness. Whereas past spiritual technologies have sought to elevate and isolate their groups from others, equity as a spiritual value calls on us to question our comfort with sameness. The single truth provides us a path toward a set of globally unifying values and understandings based on individual commitment to shared participation. Our loyalties to each other as human beings take priority over any system or structure. Equity is the root of our driving desire to develop individuals capable of both imagination and execution. In understanding that each is worthy and entitled to access and agency within the world, we lay the foundation for the development of systems to encourage it. Our embrace of equity as a core value is reflected in how we treat strangers with whom we have no context. Equity dictates that we embrace these individuals without expectations beyond reciprocal fairness and respect. 

When we consider equity as a spiritual value through the lens of the immediate present, we inevitably confront our inheritance of inequity. Legal, economic, and social systems have shaped humanity so that specific groups receive preference over others. Equity as a spiritual value tells us that it is not the place of the beneficiaries of inequity to define what equity looks like to the subjugated. Love-rooted fairness ensures those individuals and groups inhabiting a time experience of prejudice and domination have access to the resources necessary to develop agency in their own vision. It is the only option rooted in the genuine love demanded by the core value of equity. We do for others exactly as we would do for ourselves. 

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