Education is the cornerstone of systemic actualization and the engine of expansion for the eight dignities. There is no higher form of soulcraft than perpetual learning; it empowers us to create change in our individual and shared circumstances. Without education, individual actualization is difficult, if not out of reach entirely, and systemic actualization is not possible. Reimagining education for a global society is a process of understanding the changing nature of the universe and developing systems that support our alignment with it. In doing so, we create pathways for each individual to recognize their divinity within the moment. We begin our exploration with the understanding that it is in the collective best interest of every society to maximize the educational opportunities for all members at all stages of life. Unfortunately, our current education frameworks fall far short of this goal, further complicated by the crisis of information, truth, and trust that plagues our population. 

Embracing education as one of the eight dignities reinforces all eight of our core values within the individual. We develop awareness of our relation to others through the framing of dialectic education, which supports the development of flexibility, enthusiasm, and courage in the discovery and debate of ideas, fostering a learning environment where individuals develop the awareness necessary to approach others through the lens of relation, restraint, and equity. We reimagine education so that it deeply roots the individual within frameworks of meaning and value in alignment with the single truth and the relational universe, understanding that through access to and agency within our educational systems, the individual is empowered to redirect their lives in the directions of their choice. - Education
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