Awareness as a core value is the practice of elevating our perception within and of the totality of experience. It is the expression of being that results from embracing our reimagined core values, small rituals, and soulcraft within the moment, a time experience of ideal focus in the directions of our choosing and an elevated sense of connectivity to the universe surrounding us. It is both a physical and spiritual experience. When inhabiting a time experience of high awareness, the individual perceives more information than they previously thought possible. They become more effective and precise in their chosen directions, empowered by heightened sensitivity to the internal and external infinities they observe. Our embodiment of awareness as a core value is rooted in our vision of a greater humanity. We embrace awareness as a core value to expand our understanding of the limitless potential latent in each individual. We recognize we are more than the systems surrounding us allow us to be and embrace the unification of system and self to heart as a spiritual quest guided by our understanding of the relational universe. We practice awareness to develop a form of humanity that empowers each to align themselves with the single truth.

Awareness develops alongside the practice of our core values and our embrace of the single truth and the relational universe. It is especially intertwined with our expressions of enthusiasm and minimalism. Our enthusiastic approach to engaging with others and the universe continuously makes us greater. We learn more, do more, and become more in our chosen directions, providing deeper and ever-expanding awareness. As we expand the scope of our knowledge, we form connections between various event chains that develop into unique time experiences of compounding awareness, available only to the individual. The highest forms of awareness empower the individual to separate their ego and being from the circumstances and vessels they inhabit. The experience of peak awareness is difficult if not impossible to retain indefinitely within the immediate present, but the more committed we are to its practice, the better we become at identifying ourselves as separate from circumstances. Our reduction of the unnecessary and unwanted through minimalism sharpens our focus on what matters, heightening our awareness and strengthening our power to direct the flow of our time experience. When the individual unburdens themselves from the unnecessary, they develop a precise form of awareness that can better resist distraction. Awareness as a core value is the persistent cultivation of our engagement with and choice to direct the moment.

Developing awareness has many practical benefits that extend through various aspects of our lives. It deepens the connection between the individual, others, and nature. In combination with relation, it permeates the individual’s understanding of the world and infuses harmony into daily experience that is otherwise unavailable. We become less subject to confusion and frustration and more in tune with our powers of redirection within the moment. Awareness is a powerful perspective in evaluating circumstances and others and helps develop a broader perspective toward planning and executing our vision. Alongside flexibility, awareness enhances our embrace of equity and the latent divinity within the other. Through its practice, we become more whole with the totality of experience. Our embrace of awareness as a core value and commitment to the practices and habits necessary to develop it help extend our fractional perspective ever so slightly. In doing so, we develop a mechanism for compounding the expansion of our humanity. 

Individuals may develop and strengthen their awareness through rituals and practices. Additionally, dedicating focus and energy to introspection helps us cultivate visions of ourselves in our most aware states. Examining past happenings is a process we’re all familiar with; however, there is something to be said for the context of our reflection. It is valuable to examine the trajectories bringing us to the immediate present from an objective standpoint. Our intention is to discover lessons we may have overlooked in the moment and evaluate our behaviors in relation to the ideals we envision. It is purely information and not at all intended to descend into pointless self-judgment or frustration. To dwell on a past that no longer exists and is completely out of reach is a waste of energy and focus. It does nothing to bolster awareness and moves us farther away from alignment with the single truth. Focusing on future circumstances is the act of visualization, a small ritual we will explore further in the text. It is a way of providing context to future moments that have not yet occurred and may never occur. We bring awareness to the future by creating anchor moments that draw us toward them. While it’s difficult to quantify awareness, we progress by embracing and consistently practicing core values in alignment with the single truth and the relational universe. 

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