Points of Reflection: Chapter 3

  1. At the core of systemic actualization is the self-changing system. The present arrangements leading us to the crisis resist change by design.
  2. There is no single “-ism” that will adequately meet our needs. Instead, we develop various systems of economy, labor, and property that each operate under their own sets of laws and exist simultaneously. The ideal is nothing short of a free labor society.

  3. The eight dignities represent the social inheritances all are owed for being alive within this moment of collective progress. Each represents a fundamental component of the access and agency necessary to fully develop the individual actualizer. Through the eight dignities, we create a humanity capable of reaching its potential.
  4. Our institutions surrounding security and our soldiers are captured by corporations who profit from violence and aggressive resistance to change. We must redefine local and global security to better align with the single truth and the relational universe.

  5. The typical standard of dating and time-keeping is based on spiritual reference that is actively detrimental to our spiritual progress. We should seek to embrace numerical dating systems that more accurately represent the moment.

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