Courage as a core value is the belief and practice of fearlessness in the face of the unknown. Our journey of aligning ourselves with the single truth is filled with risks and challenges, but transcendent humanity offers no alternatives—we must choose to become it. Courage manifests itself through our refusal to accept systems of thought and structure that do not meet the needs of the moment. We spiritualize the development of courage because it acts as a catalyst, enabling our embrace of relation, restraint, equity, and enthusiasm in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. The only way we self-actualize in the age of crisis is to become more than we are. Cowardice makes us less, and we cannot align ourselves with the single truth if we are willing to accept belittlement. Courage empowers the individual to choose action in alignment with the single truth and the relational universe despite their fears of the unknown.

Our claiming of courage as a spiritual value in a relational universe guided by the single truth rejects the historical frameworks of courage put forth by spiritual technologies and popular culture. We reject definitions of courage that encourage vanities such as pride and honor, as they only become a foundation for self-assertion and domination. Instead, we leverage courage as a driving force toward our vision of the unification of individual and system into a single self. We know that as we continue to progress toward the creation of our vision, these two separate domains of our experience merge into one. Courage serves the individual most when doubt and isolation creep into their time experience, as is bound to happen in our journey toward transcendence. Courage as a core value is incompatible with the security offered by complacency and indifference toward self-actualization. It is an illusion that any individual is somehow removed or better off abstaining from participating in the development of new narratives of meaning and value. Our embrace of courage demands that we reject concepts of divinity shaped by human time experiences long past in favor of embracing the knowledge now available to us. We do not know the depth of our powers, but if we possess the courage to redefine spirituality and meaning within the context of the immediate present, they will be revealed to us.

We develop courage through our commitments and our community. Each of us possesses a wide variety of event chains that build our perceptions of the world, but our past is irrelevant through the lens of the single truth. Here and now, we can choose to be courageous by demanding more for ourselves and others. Our core values of relation, equity, flexibility, restraint, awareness, minimalism, and enthusiasm all serve to reframe courage within the context of self-actualization in the age of crisis. Courage enables emergent transcendence, the choice we make to embrace the single truth and the relational universe as the guiding frameworks of the universe and the ability to align ourselves accordingly. Courage is the catalyst of self-actualization, through which we make momentary decisions to direct our focus and energy in specific directions. - Courage
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